Nick Livesey

Nick was the youngest post graduate at the Royal College of Art for a generation. At the RCA he resurrected the film society, commissioning weekly film posters by different departments within the college and experimented with the projected medium for personal projects.

These film and video experiments formed into Nick’s first showreel which sparked Tony Scott’s commission for ‘The Hunger’, a 15 minute sequence that became Nick’s first Emmy Nomination and signed him as a director at RSA Films.

Opening Sequences and poster designs followed for Tony & Ridley Scott, including Gladiator, then Hannibal which won numerous industry awards. Nick concepted, designed and directed the telephone sequence for Black Hawk Down.

In 2001, Nick co-founded ‘The Fireflies’ – a cycle tour from Geneva over the French Alps to the Cannes Festival which has since raised millions for Leukaemia Charities and franchised successfully to California, New Zealand, and most recently Patagonia.

Nick had a solo photographic exhibition PATAGONIA THROUGH A PINHOLE at the Royal Geographical Society, London to mark the bi-centennary of Chilean Independence.

Livesey has written and directed Short Films for Rapha, Russian Vogue, and Discovery Channel amongst others.

His award winning Commercial work spans the globe from FIFA to Cathay Pacific, Lucozade to Bank of America, Gillette to Toyota. He has shot many of the world’s most prominent football players including Lionel Messi in his home town of Rosario and in Barcelona, and Cristiano Ronaldo more than once.

Futuristic Industrial Design Engineering meets 1950s Hollywood styling collides in Nick’s latest campaigns for Dyson Hair.